Hotel Review – The Mulia Bali

5 Things that make The Mulia Magical

Well this is a very delayed review – I’ll admit that. I actually started writing it a year ago while I was sitting in the airport bar in Bali after having stayed at the amazing Mulia resort in Nusa Dua. The Mulia is what made me decide to start blogging about my traveling. Yeah, the resort is that good. It prompted someone who completely blew off Writing courses in school to start writing. There’s just like…the whole self-motivation thing that gets distracted by planning other travels, my jewelry line (Rkt), and uhh…Netflix and video games.

I just couldn’t let this one sit unfinished, however. The Mulia is magical and I think everyone should visit if they’re going to Bali and want a truly pampered experience.
If your goal is to eat amazing food, head to the spa, and drink cocktails next to a gorgeous pool and beach, this property is hard to beat.

Here are five things that truly made The Mulia an experience to remember.

The Pools

Depending on which Mulia property you stay at (there are 3 different ones – Mulia Resort, The Mulia, and Mulia Villas), you have access to different pools. I stayed at The Mulia, which is their mid-tier property (the higher end one consists of their villas), so I had free range of the place! The pool at The Mulia is what dreams are made of. To me, it looks straight out of a Tarsem Singh movie, or perhaps the Hearst Castle. Maybe it’s the Bali sun, or maybe it’s the geniuses maintaining the pool; whatever or whoever is responsible for the water temperature is a genius – it’s perfect. Perhaps I’m a sucker for the color blue, because I could have enjoyed the view for hours on end. Don’t discount the pools at the other properties, though. They’re also gorgeous and offer plenty of lounging, lazy pool day space.

Iconic, picture-perfect The Mulia pool.
Lounge in the sun and slip right out of your chair in to the water.
Or, if you’re super pale like I am, hide in the shade in your private cabana.
Cocktails delivered to your own private oasis? Perfect!
Definitely hiding from the sun.


The Bakery

I, easily admitted, have a wicked, wicked sweet tooth. You sense hints of some magical pastry wizard lurking about the premises the moment you check in to your room and are greeted with a very generous portion of macarons. Yes, there was also a lovely fruit dish, but umm, that’s going totally ignored if you place it next to macarons. After dinner the first night, I spied across the hall my mecca – a brightly colored, pastry-filled dreamland. The Mulia really has design down, and that extends all the way to their “Deli”. I think there may have been savory items available, but they went completely ignored as I bounced from case to case trying to decide what to have. Gelato? Crepe cake? Pistachio éclair? Chocolate éclair? MANGO ÉCLAIR?! Every cake on display was perfectly detailed, and the few I sampled were perfectly delicious.

In-room macarons ready to be demolished in a single sitting.
The large cake displays were gorgeous. Marie Antoinette worthy!
Pardon me, I’m drooling a bit.
The largest variety of macaron flavors I’ve ever seen. Each one was a tiny work of art, as well.


The Staff

Balinese hospitality is world-renown, and no where showcases it more than at The Mulia.  In this whole giant resort (trust me, it’s big), every single staff seemed to know my name and I was always greeted with a big smile and hello.  I do admit, it’s a little unnerving when everyone seems to know your name…but I think that’s just part of the attention to detail that seems to go in to everything here.  All of the staff is on-point and it really helps to let you relax and enjoy yourself without any undue stress.
You’re in good hands (without those hands being too intrusive).

The Architecture

I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.  This place is just downright cool looking.

Some of the water features and sandy stones that comprise the whole compound.
Are we on an alien homeworld? Quite possibly.
Or maybe we’ve stepped in to a Final Fantasy level?
The view from the top of the property. This resort is huge and yet still manages to blend in with the surrounding nature.
Walk along the beach and you’ll run in to a perfect temple view.
Our room was very spacious and comfortable. One of the bigger hotel rooms I’ve ever stayed in.
Aww yeah, giant tub and double sinks!

The Food

Being that everything in Nusa Dua is quite spread out, Mulia does a wonderful job of having a nice variety of food options directly on property.  No need to worry about leaving to find dinner if you don’t want to.  From local Indonesian dishes, to Mediterranean salads, to Hong Kong style dimsum, I couldn’t find fault with anything we ate.
One of the other perks you get when staying at either The Mulia or Mulia Villas is access to high tea every afternoon.  But why just have tea when you can make it “high margaritas” instead?  I tried both their Western and Indonesian style teas and thoroughly enjoyed both of them.

High Tea. Though mine was High Margaritas. Luckily for me I had a tennis lesson scheduled right afterwards, so I managed to sweat off all the carbs and booze I’d just ingested.
Super delicious Gado Gado and Nasi Campur with a pomegranate cocktail, served poolside.
Omelette and berries at The Mulia’s breakfast spot (a la carte restaurant) . Head over to The Mulia Resort for an amazing, huge buffet breakfast.

Bali is an amazing destination, offering something for just about everyone.  If luxury is on your radar when you’re in Bali, Mulia is a definite must-stay.

I’d rate it a solid 5/5


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