Packing for a Multiple Climate Trip

It’s pretty obvious that the weather is getting weird.  If you’re going to one location, you generally can figure out how to pack, however (even if it is strangely 80 fahrenheit in December).  What do you do if you’re visiting multiple locations with varying climates, though?

I’ve had this issue come up a few times over this past year.  My most recent case was this past November when I was visiting my friends and family on the West Coast of the US and then heading directly to Spain.  It was also a very long trip – I’d be away from home for 3 weeks.

Going from the relatively warm West Coast (Southern California, Vegas, and Phoenix) to Spain in November offered an interesting dilemma for me – I don’t want to be cold, but I don’t want two suitcases.
I travel with my large hard case Rimowa, large Loewe carry-all, and whatever purse I’m currently using.  These three pieces of “luggage” can manage a 3 week trip no problem.

Everything laid out and ready to be packed away.

Ok, so multi-climate packing list.  Let’s get to it.
Bottoms – 
Jean shorts (Monki)
Acid washed jeans (Zara)
Black heavy duty leggings (BCBG Max Azria)
Black lightweight leggings (Lip Service)
Blue jeans (Levi)
Printed dressy pants (Monki)
Printed flower flowy pants (Forever21)
High-waisted pencil skirt (Zara)
Thermal leggings (Under Armour)
Heat tech leggings (Uniqlo)
Tops –
Sleeveless black body suit (Marciano)
Blue long sleeve t-shirt (Nordstrom rack)
Green long sleeve t-shirt (Nordstrom rack)
Striped blouse (Zara)
Black blouse (Zara)
Acid wash crop-top (Forever21)
Mock turtle-neck crop-top (American Apparel)
Red crop sweater (Zara)
Striped crop sweater (Zara)
Blue fitter sweater (Zara)
White oversized sweater (BCBG Max Azria)
3 tank tops
Green fitted sweater (Zara)
Tan and flower dress (BCBG Maz Azria)
Black dress, LBD (random shop)
Blue dress (Anthropologie)
…and I think I packed 2 t-shirts
Shoes – 
Black high heel sandals (Michael Kors)
Athletic shoes (Nike)
Boots (Ugg)
Black pumps (Vince Camuto- bought on trip)
Black high heeled boots (Vince Camuto – bought on trip)
Overwear –
Black leather jacket (random shop)
Tan long overcoat (Zara)
Black faux fur long vest (Zara)
Black pashmina
Black, red, and white blanket scarf (Target)
Heavy duty parka (Blonde No. 8 – bought on trip)
Misc –
Workout clothes – 2 sets
Extra purse for going out at night (my own brand, Rkt!)
Lots of jewelry (also from my brand, Rkt)

…ok so my wardrobe may be super Zara heavy.  Shopping here in Tokyo for me is a little difficult.  I’m by no means a big person, but I’m a little more curvaceous than your average Japanese girl.  I find myself sticking with Western brands, and Zara seems to deliver on quality for price.  It is interesting, though, for me Zara is hit and miss every other season.  Some seasons I’ll find a million things I love, and then nothing for a year.  They did a good job this year, though, as my closet is overflowing.

I always use this Rimowa suitcase, as it’s really large, but manageable. I’m always a bit shocked by how much I can fit in it.

There’s always on ongoing debate between my boyfriend and I about suitcases.  Specifically hard cases vs. soft luggage.  Hard cases look absolutely amazing, but man they get dinged up really easily and they’re not expandable.

Not joking when I said they could get dinged up. This was actually how my suitcase arrived to me in Spain. It had been absolutely mutilated. The airline wanted to replace it with a super cheap soft suitcase. Still waiting to see if Iberia will be reimbursing me for the repair fees.
Everything packed up nice and tidy.

Always roll your clothes!  It saves room in your suitcase and will keep items from getting overly wrinkled.

Obviously the key to packing for any cold weather destination is layering.  It works even more so when you’re skipping from hot to cold or vice versa.  Who cares if you have your heat tech long sleeve under your tank top?  It’ll be covered by a fabulous jacket anyways.

Stay toasty!

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